Monday, 26 March 2012

Woodside Sirius and Woodside Kansas - an Update

We have a mixture of news here.  Spartacus (Woodside Sirius) will be ready for his forever home within a couple of weeks.  This gorgeous boy is so loving and affectionate that he will make someone a wonderful pet.  He needs an indoor home and would be happy with or without other cats.....if there are other cats in the home then they cannot be dominant as he gets scared easily!

Mali (Woodside Kansas) has had to move into our outside pen.  We have realised the reason she wasn't settling is because she hates the smell of our other cats and every time we go in the room, she can smell them on us.  They have also taken to laying by the door putting their paws under, and Mali is not amused.  Since putting her out in the pen, she is definitely happier and is enjoying the warmer weather.

I don't know if Mali will ever cope with another rehome, or if she does it has to be to a very experienced and patient owner who is happy to only have Mali and no other cats at all.  The would also have to be prepared to visit frequently before we would consider letting her go to them.

Will update more soon and will get new pics of both of them too.

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