Thursday, 22 March 2012

Some News

I went to meet the stud boy who we will be using on our girls next year.  He is the son of our old stud boy, Paddy, and is just gorgeous.  He has all of his dad's temperament but at 10 months old is much stockier than Paddy was so I think he will sire some fantastic kittens.

Merlin lives with our very good friend Pat Dooley, at Patsita Maine Coons, and is an absolute credit to her and her breeding.

Sparty and Mali are still struggling with settling in.  Sparty is a very affectionate boy but still nervous, especially when Mali starts hissing and moaning! Mali is getting more confident but we are following advice that we have been given and just ignoring her completely until she feels happy enough to come to us.  She likes to sit and watch what we are doing and her and Sparty both have 'paw fights' with our cats under the door so I am hoping that we will have more positive news on them both in the next couple of weeks.

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