Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Woodside Kansas and Woodside Sirius

It's been a while since I updated and we still cannot access our website so looks like we will be building a new one shortly to give updates and news throughout the year.

We have sadly had to take back Woodside Kansas and Woodside Sirius, after their owner's daughter became highly allergic to them.  I have taken them back here so that I can vet any potential owners and ensure that I am kept up to date with their progress.

Could be a while though....they are incredibly scared and so will need a lot of time and patience to ensure that they are happy and settled when going to their new homes.  For now, they are living in our spare bedroom so that they don't need to be around the stress of our cats too.

As with all of our kittens that we have bred or adult cats that have been retired and rehomed, we always insist that new owners contact us should their circumstances change and we will have the cats back to rehome from here....they are and always will be our babies and therefore our responsibility.

Have attached some pics and will update on their progress over the next few days and weeks.

Mali (Woodside Kansas)

Sparty (Woodside Sirius)


  1. Such a shame that they have come vack so scared, I am sure you will soon get them settled and a new home will come up for them xx

  2. Thanks Debbie - Sparty is doing fab and actually approached me for a fuss today. As another breeder said to me - they are coonies and you can't keep them down for very long!