Monday, 12 September 2011


Lola left us on Friday evening to go and live with Michelle and Oliver. It was a very sad occasion for me as Lola has always been special, having come from a premature litter where only 3 kittens out of the 6 survived.

In some ways, because she is so special to us, it made it easier to let her go as we knew she was unhappy being here with new cats and kittens being introduced all the time.

We had a lovely update on Friday night and again on Saturday and Sunday, to let us know that Lola had settled in beautifully and had already claimed the place as her own! She has behaved perfectly (so far!) and spends most of her time on a specially made platform where she watches the swans and the boats going past.

Michelle and Oliver were true to their word and sent me plenty of photos of Lola and I thought I would share some of them on here. The photo of Lola asleep was taken on her very first morning on the boat so she had been there about 12 hours.....just goes to show how happy and relaxed she is!

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