Thursday, 8 September 2011

General Update

First of all, I need to apologise for not updating the website.  We have a new computer and unfortunately haven't got around to moving over all the files and the software for the website.

We are very pleased to have found the perfect home for Lola.  As hard as it is to let her go, we think we have found the perfect new slaves for her and she will be leaving us tomorrow.

Lucky Lola is going to be a 'ship's cat'!  She will be living on a houseboat on the Norfolk Broads and I have already told her new owners that I will be waiting expectantly for a photo of Lola taking in the views from the boat windows - will update more once she is settled.

We may possibly have one more spayed girl up for rehoming in the next few weeks but will update more at the time.  It still amazes me how our girls here get on so well together when they are entire and yet some seem to change when they are spayed and just won't settle with the entire girls. I am very lucky that all of the owners or our retirees keep in touch and we get regular updates on how they are doing.

Paddy (Whitefox Blazing Star) is thoroughly enjoying his retirement and has just come back from a surfing holiday in Cornwall with his new owner!  Apparently he loved the surf but wasn't quite so keen on the sand!

We also had a lovely update and photos from Anna and Scott, the owners of Woodside Porthos.  He has grown into such a beautiful boy and has his mum's superb feral, wild look about him.

I will add another update shortly with photos of Ruby (Villarroel Flamenco), Pixie (Woodside Emiliana) and Sunny (Woodside Pacifica).

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