Friday, 16 March 2012

Update on Kansas and Sirius

Kansas (Mali) and Sirius (Sparty) have now been with us for nearly a week.  Sparty is definitely coming around and loves his fuss and attention.  He is eating well, using the litter tray and becoming very vocal about being shut in the spare room!

Mali is still struggling unfortunately.  She is eating and drinking and using the litter tray but still very, very nervous.  I am allowing my 3 daughters to go in and see them regularly as they seem to respond better to children than adults, and Mali will enjoy a fuss on her own terms but lets you know when she has had enough.

We will eventually be looking for homes for these 2 but any new owner will have to be experienced with cats and be prepared to come and visit regularly for a few weeks at least to get to know the cats and gain their trust.  We will also visit their new home to make sure we are happy with them leaving us.

They have already been through a huge upheaval and we want to make any further transition as easy for them as we possibly can.

Will update more in the next few days.

We also hope to have exciting news in the coming weeks....will post more on our blog in due course.

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