Monday, 9 April 2012

Fantastic News

Woodside Sirius (Sparty) left for his new home on Saturday.  he had settled so well and we found the perfect home for him with Hannah and her red tabby Maine Coon boy Wilson.  Sparty has already eaten and used the litter tray and is exploring the house as well as showing a great interest in Wilson.  We are very pleased with how Sparty progressed here and we felt that by leaving him here for much longer, he would have then struggled having to settle down somewhere else.

We have also found a lovely home for Woodside Kansas (Mali) and we will be delivering her there on Friday this week.  She will be the only pet there, and her new owners are perfectly happy to keep it that way.  She has adjusted so well and is a really loving and affectionate girl now that she is away from the stress of our lot!  Am looking forward to helping her settle in to her new home.

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