Saturday, 21 April 2012

Update on Mali

Mali went to her new home last night and it honestly couldn't have gone better.  She has found it very difficult since coming back here as she is terrified of other cats and so only started to settle once we out her in our outside enclosure.

When we took her to Helen and Matt's last night, I was very unsure as to how she would react to her new environment but as soon as we opened her carry box, she was exploring all over the place and purring like she'd always been there!  By the time we left, she had met the hamster, curled up on the sofa and sprawled out on the floor whilst letting all of us make a huge fuss of her!

It has been a very tough few weeks but the effort was worth it to make sure that Mali was settled and socialised enough to go on to her new home.

I cannot thank Matt & Helen enough for being willing to take on what we thought was going to be a very difficult girl.....just goes to show what the right home and environment can do for a cat.

Hopefully there will be more updates coming soon.

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