Saturday, 21 May 2011

Some Changes....

We have decided to scale things down for a couple of years whilst we complete our extension and building work so we have neutered Storm, and found him a lovely pet home and we have also spayed Star, who will be staying here with us as a pet.

There is too much disruption going on in the house to have calling and matings and kittens being born so we decided that it would be better to spay Star, who was calling constantly and to neuter Storm who we knew would settle down beautifully as a pet before he became established as a stud.

Paddy will still be a working stud boy with a local breeder friend of mine so he won't be getting too frustrated and Cleo and Ruby are still very young so I don't need to even think about them being mated yet.

As such, the next Woodside kittens will not be born until at least mid 2012, if not a little later depending on the girls.

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