Monday, 16 May 2011

Los Gatitos Espanoles - Malia's kittens at 7 weeks old

I haven't updated for a while as these kittens are keeping me super busy! Mum still has no interest so the weaning process has been a very slow one to make sure that their tummies can cope.  They started on Lactol and boiled chicken and we have now progressed to Applaws kitten biccie and boiled chicken and applaws kitten wet meat. They are growing beautifully and are super affectionate and confident.

I have attached a few photos of them but they aren't the best quality as these kittens refuse to sit still for more than a second!

All of these kittens now have lovely new homes to go to when they are 14 weeks old

Woodside Emiliana

Woodside Enrique

Woodside Javier

Woodside Luciano

Woodside Pacifica

Woodside Yago


  1. Gorgeous kitties - they are coming along beautifully! xxx

  2. Nice babies they seem to be coming on fine xx