Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Los Gatitos Espanoles - Malia's Kittens at 38 days old

It has been a tricky couple of weeks as Malia has unfortunately stopped feeding and caring for the babies. I have taken over and luckily the kittens are happy to have me as their substitute mum and are thriving. They are eating very well, putting on weight and are litter trained too.

Here are some photos taken today, as well as an extra one of Pacifica doing what she does best - making a lot of noise!  Enrique is available.

Woodside Luciano

Woodside Emiliana

Woodside Javier

Woodside Pacifica

Woodside Pacifica

Woodside Enrique

Woodside Jago

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful babies, well done for getting them to look so gorgeous! I know it will be hard work. Enrique is gorgeous - he will be snapped in no time xx