Friday, 1 July 2011

Off They Go....

Malia's babies have been leaving us this week and I can't believe they are nearly 14 weeks old already. Javier left on Wednesday to go and live with Janis and her gorgeous Russian Blue boy Mika, Yago and Luciano left us yesterday to go and live with Susan and Guy and Enrique leaves us today to go and live with Jenn.

Pacifica was always going to be staying here with us and after realising that Emiliana wouldn't fit in with the homes we had lined up for her, she has managed to sneak her way in with us too! If the perfect home comes up for her then we will consider letting her go but if not then she will stay here with us.

We are now going to be having a break from breeding for a while to let all the cats settle down and have a rest and we are hoping to start up again in late 2012. We will be looking at importing a stud boy to bring in new lines and then look at maybe an additional girl or 2 depending on how our current youngsters develop here.

We will update our blog and website with photos as our youngsters grow and as our plans develop. We are also hoping to get our GCCF prefix in 2012, now that we are members of the Maine Coon Breed Society.

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