Friday, 29 July 2011

New Photos

We have some new photos of some of our youngsters here at Woodside.  We have also had some changes - WhiteFox Blazing Star, after giving a good few litters in his life, has been neutered and gone to a new home. We never like to keep our stud boys active for more than 2 years as we feel that the earlier they are neutered, the better they settle as pets....even if it is hard to let them go!

In the short-term, we have the use of a gorgeous blue tabby and white stud boy to use with Pacifica and Emiliana and an up and coming brown tabby stud boy to use with our Kassaro and Villarroel youngsters.

Should all of our youngsters develop as we hope, our next Woodside litters will be in 2012.

Villarroel Flamenco aged 8 months

Kassaro Floreeda aged 8 months

Woodside Emiliana aged 4 months

Woodside Pacifica aged 4 months

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