Friday, 22 April 2011


The babies are 27 days old today and I have been supplementing them with formula milk for the past 10 days or so to help them gain weight and take the pressure away from Malia, who really is doing her best.

Yesterday, I checked on them and found them helping themselves to mum's biccie so I decided to try them on some RC Babycat, soaked in formula milk. Luckily, 5 of them took to it really well and are happily lapping away at the milk and biccie.  Emiliana still thinks that mum is best and seems to think I am trying to poison her but I am sure over the next day or two she will start to enjoy the mixture too.

The babies have put on around 30g in 24 hours, which I am sure is down to the extra food and formula that I have been giving them as well as Malia being able to have a bit of a rest in between.

Will get photos done later today once all the others are fed and groomed.

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