Sunday, 27 March 2011

Kitten Photos

The kittens are now just over 24 hours old and all are putting on weight and doing very well.  Malia is being a very good mum to all her babies and I am monitoring her closely as it is a huge litter for her to be coping with as a first time mum.

I took some photos this morning so thought  would share!

Introducing - Los Gatitos Espanoles (The Spanish Kittens - named for Malia who's parents are from the Hispanocoon's cattery in Spain)

Woodside Emiliana and Woodside Pacifica, our 2 tortie tabby girls
Woodside Yago, our brown tabby boy
Woodside Enrique, Woodside Luciano, Woodside Javier, our red tabby boys


  1. They are gorgeous. Just love the colours. xxx

  2. Louise, they are gorgeous. Well done Malia xxx