Saturday, 26 February 2011


Had a lovely visit today from Carly, who had Woodside Supernova (Malibu) from us last year, and her mum Julie, who had Woodside Senna (Ozzie) from us at the same time.

Was really nice having a catch up although I must admit to feeling horribly guilty every time I heard just how naughty Supernova and Senna could be!! They came round at an ideal time as the Musketeers had already had their mad morning so were curled up nicely asleep and behaving themselves.

Tomorrow we have Sharon and her daughters round to visit - Sharon rehomed our 2 retired Kassaro queens Scarlett and Mika last year and the girls have thrived since being with her.  Sharon visited us around Christmas when the Musketeers were only a few weeks old so will be interesting for her to see just how they have grown since their last visit.

This is one of the parts of breeding that I love - meeting the people that have our babies and then becoming friends and staying in touch after the kittens have left us.

I took the Musketeers for another vet visit yesterday, just to make sure all was well before their final vaccinations next week and they have all put on 500g since their last visit 2 weeks ago.  The vet checked them over and said they are doing very, very well.  It was nice for them to see the inside of a vets without having a needle in them and they had fun climbing all over the vet's shoulders too.

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  1. Was lovely seeing you all :) Ozzie may be naughty at times, but I love him to bits. He is a HUGE baby and so gentle and I wouldn't be without him :)